A 60-year-old Hindu temple demolished by Pune administration, local Hindus rebuild the temple and perform aarti

VSK Telangana    10-Jul-2024
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Late night on 5 July 2024, in Pune’s Erandwane, the administration demolished the 60-year-old Datta Mandir. According to the information received, Christian Pastor John Thomas had complained to the administration about this temple standing near Satyam Estate in Erandwane.
Angered by the administration’s move, the local Hindu devotees gathered and questioned this action. Along with this, the reason for acting late at night was also asked. However, administration authorities ignored the Hindus’ questions. They demolished this ancient temple, after which the Hindu youth challenged the administration and vowed to build a grand temple there.

Subsequently, local devotees gathered and rebuilt the temple. They re-installed the murti and also performed aarti. The incident created an uproar on social media as well. People are also taking a dig at the ‘Hindutva’ government formed in Maharashtra for demolishing a 60-year-old temple in place of illegal mosques and tombs built in Pune. After this, many even reprimanded the police for the illegal tomb built at the Pune railway station.

According to local Hindu leader Varpe Bhushan, immediately after receiving the news at around midnight, the office bearers of Vishwa Hindu Maratha Sangh came to the scene and started efforts to stop the action. But the police administration stopped everyone. The administration reportedly stole the murti of Shri Gurudev Dutta. The Public protested this barbaric act of the police.

The area’s Ganesh Mandal activists also came together and protested. Members of several Hindu organisations and Ganesh Mandals gathered at the site, demanding the reconstruction of the ancient temple.

Vaibhav Dighe, Bhushan Varpe and Sachin Pawar met Vijay Naikal, the Assistant Commissioner of Warje Karvenagar Regional Office, to apprise him of the situation. Naikal immediately contacted his seniors and met his area’s DCP Sambhaji Kadam, Police Inspector of Alankar Police Station Sunita Rokade and Corporator Deepak Pote and Gajanan Tharkude.

In Maharashtra, on the one hand, Hindu organizations are angry about the illegal mosques and tombs built on the historical forts of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. On the other hand, they are unhappy with demolishing old temples based on a single complaint. There has been no official statement from the government on this incident. In many previous speeches, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has hinted that the forts will soon be freed from illegal occupation.